Boveda humidity packs are small packets of salt and water that are designed to help regulate and maintain the relative humidity of a container. These packs are commonly used in the cannabis industry to help keep cannabis products at the ideal humidity level for long-term storage.

Boveda humidity packs work by releasing or absorbing moisture to maintain a specific relative humidity (RH) level. They are available in different RH levels, such as 58%, 62%, and 69%, depending on the specific needs of the product being stored. When placed in a sealed container with the product, the pack will work to maintain the desired RH level, which can help to preserve the freshness, flavor, and potency of the cannabis.

Using Boveda humidity packs for cannabis storage is considered a more effective method compared to other common storage methods, such as using a plastic bag or glass jar with a lid. These methods can lead to inconsistent humidity levels, which can cause the cannabis to become too dry or too moist, affecting its quality and potency over time.

Boveda humidity packs are also considered safe for use with food products, and can be used for the storage of items such as tobacco, herbs, and spices.

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