Yes, vaping marijuana can leave a smell, although the odor may be less strong and lingering compared to smoking it. The smell from vaping marijuana is caused by the same terpenes and cannabinoids that produce the plant's characteristic aroma and flavor.

When marijuana is vaped, the heat from the device causes the terpenes and cannabinoids to vaporize and release into the air. The smell can be noticeable to those in the immediate vicinity of the person vaping, but it tends to dissipate more quickly than the smell from smoking.

The strength and duration of the smell from vaping marijuana can depend on a number of factors, including the quality and potency of the cannabis being vaped, the temperature of the vaping device, and the ventilation in the room.

It is important to be mindful of others when vaping marijuana, particularly in public or shared spaces where the smell could be a concern. Some vaporizers may also offer features or accessories designed to help minimize the smell, such as odor-reducing filters or discreet carrying cases.

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